We are committed to delivering the best medical tourism experience to patients from Zimbabwe and other regional countries. STAMP AFRICA ZAMBIA will search out for you the best global healthcare availability and provide support throughout the duration of the medical tour. Our medical travel plans include healthcare services, accommodation, travel tickets and tourism services. This means you don’t have to worry about anything and you can concentrate on treatment and recovery.

With our services we cover a wide field of health-oriented tourism, ranging from preventive and health-conductive treatment to rehabilitation and curative forms of travel.

Based on your needs, we prepare several offers that includes: information on Medical centre, profile of staff, procedure calendar, possible risks, before and during stay assistance, transportation and accommodation, if requested we will offer you leisure activities, sightseeing, all day tours and assist your companion’s staying. After you pick out an offer and select your travel and procedure plan, we will completely facilitate your departure, visit and arrival.

STAMP AFRICA ZAMBIA assists companies and individual clients in taking advantage of quality medical tourism options at the lowest cost possible in Zambia. We know that the consumer seeks satisfaction of needs and these needs are very diverse. We will always strive to provide best medical tourism options and packages tailored to our patients needs in order to be satisfied with quality medical tourism deals, offering brokerage arrangements for medical tourism services and choices. Customer satisfaction will always be the most important dimension in our preparation of medical tourism packages.

Our clients choose us for 6 main reasons:

  • availability of treatment
  • quality of health care
  • reduced waiting times
  • cost savings
  • We have own apartments in Lusaka
  • We have our own fleet of vehicles for shuttle services


As a medical tourism facilitator, our aim is to constantly evolve by obtaining the absolute standards in the Medical Tourism market, fulfilling customer expectations by providing excellent package of services.

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