CASH Hyperextension, Hinged Pectoral Pad and Hinged Pubic Pad


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  • Prefabricated cruciform anterior spinal hyperextension orthosis
  • Fully adjustable height and width
  • Easy application and removal
  • Closed foam padding for easy cleaning
  • New! Universal Option. Straps can be cut to desired length and back pad can be oriented vertically or horizontally


Stable compression fractures of T7-L2, osteoporosis, kyphsis and osteoarthritis.


Material Aluminium / Low Density Polyethylene / Latex Free


Fixed Sternal Pad and Fixed Pubic Pad
Back Pad Size 76 cm / 30 in Belt 91 cm / 36 in Belt 107 cm / 42 in Belt 122 cm / 48 in Belt
Standard RSC300-P-ST-1 RSC300-P-ST-2 RSC300-P-ST-3 RSC300-P-ST-4
Large RSC300-P-LG-1 RSC300-P-LG-2 RSC300-P-LG-3 RSC300-P-LG-4
Large Vertical RSC300-P-LV-1 RSC300-P-LV-2 RSC300-P-LV-3 RSC300-P-LV-4
Universal CASH300P
– Universal posterior strap can be cut to length from 76 cm/30 in up to 122 cm/48 in
– Back pad can be oriented horizontally or vertically


90 days



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